Civic Engagement Day

Creativity, the Arts and Civic Life

March 29, 2017

8 a.m.

Tarantulas, Tattoos and Travel - OH MY!
Becoming A Scholar (Jacqui Slinger)
"Try something you've never done before...face a fear," said the instructor. "Be creative!" The students took her up on the challenge. Hear about their experiences, what they learned, how they overcame fear and how their experience helped them become more creative people.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Gamer Language vs. The Outside World
“The Three Stooges” (Zach Pachis)
We will be discussing the difference in languages between gamers and people who do not play video games and how the gaming language is used to communicate through gamers in the outside world
Centennial 110

Creativity in Mathematics
Darryl Nester
The visualization of mathematical concepts can sometimes (intentionally or accidentally) produce images that might be mistaken for artistic expression. We'll look at some examples of pretty pictures and the art behind them.
Centennial 113

9 a.m.

Scintillating Study Schemes to Stimulate Students
Jacqui Slinger & Amanda Woolley
Have you ever asked yourself if there were better ways to study for that big exam? Have you not studied for an exam because you didn’t know how?  Is studying just plain boring to you? If you answered yes to any of these questions or just want to know how to improve the time you spend studying, you should come to this session where we discuss research on study skills and engage in activities that are sure to make studying more fun and effective.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Bluffton University: Through the Lens
Kevin Every & Tricia Bell
Join Kevin Every (senior IT major) and Tricia Bell (public relations content manager) to learn the creative process behind making videos for Bluffton University. We will watch some of Bluffton’s most popular videos from the past year and discuss how these videos allow Bluffton students to inspire beyond the limits of our campus.
Centennial Hall 109

Creative Approaches to Education in China
Paul Neufeld Weaver
Paul spent Feb. 27 - March 11 in China visiting high schools and universities.  There are some surprisingly creative initiatives in Chinese education, particularly related to English language education. Learn more at this session.
Centennial Hall 110

Collaborative Creativity
C. Henry Smith Scholars
We will explore creativity in a variety of forms - both with those present, and other contributors over the remainder of the day
Centennial 113

Creativity: Process and Attitude
Andi Baumgartner, Jim Fultz and Peter Terry
A three person panel, Jim Fultz, Andi Baumgartner and Peter Terry, will briefly discuss current or recent creative projects they are working on, relative to their process and the attitude/mindset that works for them. This discussion will be opened up for discussion and questions from the audience
Sauder Mac Lab (Sauder Visual Arts Center)

10 a.m.

Voices of Creativity
Performance Studies Class
Members of Dr. Melissa Friesen's Performance Studies class will present an original performance piece showcasing voices of Bluffton students, faculty and staff and their experiences with creativity, the arts and civic engagement.
Ramseyer Auditorium (College Hall)

Thinking Outside the Box: Arts at a Juvenile Detention Center
Joe Hunter, Clark County JDC
The director of the Clark County JDC will describe their innovative and highly successful Project Jericho, an arts project for students at the JDC.
Yoder Recital Hall

Art as Activism and Dissidence in Cuba
Carole Elchert
This PowerPoint presentation introduces Philip Sugden and Carole Elchert’s documentary, Art as Activism & Dissidence in Cuba, which explores the power of art to transform societies and improve human conditions. Featuring prominent contemporary Cuban artists, the film reveals why they became activists or dissidents and how they use conceptual, controversial artwork, not only to inspire people/governments to action but also to advance the function and purpose of art.
Sauder Mac Lab (Sauder Visual Arts Center)

The Best Teambuilding Activities EVER!
HFS Leadership Class
Active participation in a variety of teambuilding challenges.
Sommer Center

11 a.m.

Creativity & Sound (first session)
Steve Harnish
Sound and creativity find deep connections within science. Scientists like Einstein famously found creative inspiration in playing the violin or other musical instruments. Also today we have fascinating new technologies of sound--from data sonification (augmenting traditional visualization), motion microscopes, and applications of sound to even levitation and fire control.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Demo: A Performance Workshop
Brianna Lugibihl & the Cast of “Demo”
The cast of "Demo" will perform two short scenes and discuss the research-mental health and societal implications- behind the scene in an interactive workshop with the audience/participants. The workshop would focus on trauma's influence on creativity and overall learning, as well as creative ways to open a conversation on the topics discussed in the piece.
Centennial 110

Art Therapy - Exploring the Practice
Social Work Club
An interactive presentation on art therapy – an exploration and practice of the concept.
Centennial 113

Awakening Minds, A Therapeutic Approach to Art
Sarah Crisp
Awarening Minds Director Sarah Crisp will be a returning guest at Bluffton University and will speak on the benefits of art for children and individuals with special needs. Utilizing art, non-art related goals can be practiced and accomplished to create successful and independent young adults/ special needs individuals
Sauder Art Drawing Studio (Sauder Visual Arts Center)

12 noon

Faith & Mission Conversation
Dr. Crystal Sellers Battle
Grab your lunch and listen to faculty member Dr. Crystal Sellers Battle share about her faith journey and its intersections with her work at Bluffton University.
Kreider Room (Marbeck Center)

Cultural Understanding Through the Arts
Lion & Lamb Workshop (Extended Session – until 2:15 p.m.)
Diane Neal & Louise Matthews
Bluffton second grade students will learn about various cultures, gaining knowledge and understanding through literature, music, movement, readers theater and art projects led by Louise Matthews, Diane Neal and EDU students.
Burcky Gym


1 pm.

Gaming and Gaming Culture
Gaming Club
The idea of gaming as a culture aspect as a way to bring people closer together as a community in the widespread culture that is gaming.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Job's Wife: Artistic Renderings through the Centuries
Jackie Wyse-Rhodes
The wife of Job appears in just one verse in the book of Job, and yet she has remained a significant and controversial figure in the history of Jewish and Christian biblical interpretation. In this workshop, we will reconsider her story, as told in the Bible and in post-biblical writings and artwork. How do we interpret her words? How do we understand her suffering, when so little attention has been paid to it? How might we continue to tell her story in meaningful ways? Participants will have the opportunity to discuss ancient texts and depictions of Job's wife, as well as more modern artistic representations.
Centennial 109

Creativity & Economic Well-Being
International Trade & Investment Class
Student presentations about how creativity has driven most of the increase in global economic wellbeing by increasing productivity and increasing the diversity of human choices. What conditions have nurtured creativity and where has it been stifled.
Centennial 110

Playwriting 50:10
Jamie Lyn Smith & Melissa Friesen
Curious about playwriting? This session will introduce you to the 10-minute play form through examples, writing exercises and tips from actual dramaturges and directors! This workshop will whet your appetite for Bluffton University's 24-Hour Theatre Festival featuring original 10-minute plays by Bluffton students to be performed April 8 at 7:30 pm.
Centennial 113

2 p.m.

Creativity & Sound (second session)
Steve Harnish
Sound and creativity find deep connections within science.  Scientists like Einstein famously found creative inspiration in playing the violin or other musical instruments.  Also today we have fascinating new technologies of sound--from data sonification (augmenting traditional visualization), motion microscopes, and applications of sound to even levitation and fire control.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

The Mandala and its Relationship with the Human Nervous System
Phil Sugden
Philip Sugden will present a PowerPoint talk.  “…The circle (or sphere) is a symbol of the self in its most perfected state.  The circle in general, express’s the totality of the psyche in all its aspects, including the relationship between man/woman and the whole of nature.”  Carl Jung, Man and His Symbols .  This presentation will also explore the use of the circle, in world religions, as a symbol of universality, heaven, and transformation.
Sauder Mac Lab (Sauder Visual Arts Center)

Story, Image, Truth: Writing Toward Justice
Bluffton Student Writers, Jamie Lyn Smith, & Jeff Gundy
Bluffton writers (students and faculty) read original stories, poems and essays that engage the struggle for justice, peace and truth in many diverse ways.
Centennial 110

You Aren’t That Real…
Honors 299 Class
Reality Fair...An introduction to metaphysics with a breakout session where students expound on various aspects at individual stations
Centennial 113

Yoga and Meditation - Creativity and Brain Effects
Karen Cline
Beginner's Yoga practice and Meditation combination
Kreider Room (Marbeck Center)

3 p.m.

Beaver Monologues: Advocating Women's Rights through Theatre
Justina Fuqua & the Cast of the Beaver Monologues
The Beaver Monologues production team and members of the cast will be available for a question and answer presentation. In this presentation we will discuss how the Beaver Monologues came to be, the inspiration for the production and how the project has progressed. Audience members that attend the presentation can ask questions to the production team and cast members about their experiences of being in the production, why they chose to be involved in the production, and how they plan to advocate for women’s rights on and off campus in the future.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

The Palate's Palette: It's the Eater's Choice
Eric Beachy & Bluffton University Nutrition Association
Explore the creative process in cooking through a short introductory lecture and a hands-on activity!
Centennial 113

Art and Education
Art department faculty
Sir Ken Robinson discusses in one of the most watched Ted Talks, “Do Schools Kill Creativity.” He makes an entertaining and profoundly moving case for creating an education system that nurtures (rather than undermines) creativity. Discussion and questions with the audience to follow the video.
Sauder Mac Lab (Sauder Visual Arts Center)

6 p.m.

C. Henry Smith Peace Oratorical Contest   
Eric Beachy, Kenny Beeker, Claire Clay, Katey Ebaugh, Olivia Poole
This annual tradition features Bluffton University students giving speeches on topics of peace witness. Prizes will be awarded for first place, second place, and third place orators as decided by a panel of judges.
Yoder Recital Hall

8 p.m. Keynote Event

Encore! A Celebration of Creativity and the Arts
Performances by Bluffton University students, coordinated by Melissa Friesen
"Encore! is a showcase of the creative works of our Bluffton community. The performance will feature music, scenes, spoken word poetry, and other selections from a variety of creative arts. Featured selections will include excerpts from the Beaver Monologues, original works by "Bridge" Literary Journal writers, scenes from Brianna Lugibihl's original play "Demo", and more! Celebrate the creativity of the campus community and support your peers as they present their work in this culminating event of Civic Engagement Day.” Arts & Lecture credit is available!
Yoder Recital Hall

All Day Activities
9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Beaver Calls
Witmarsum, Alumni Relations, Career & Vocation
Come and be a story collector. Call a family member, mentor, neighbor or Bluffton alumni for a mini-interview to learn about their experiences in career and life. As many recorded interviews as possible will run on 96.1 the Wit! Starting questions are available. No radio experience necessary. Modeled loosely on the public radio program StoryCorps. Come and participate in the impact of story telling – and story listening.
Witmarsum Radio Station (Founders Hall)