Civic Engagement Day

Integrity, Truth, Virtue: Bluffton's honor code in the world

April 11, 2018

8 a.m.

Good causes, bad statistics
Darryl K. Nester
How can we be critical and responsible consumers and conduits of information? We have heard a lot about "fake news," stories designed to muddy the waters of public discourse. But problems can also arise from good intentions: Advocates for a cause sometimes make their case with statistics that support their arguments. Other advocates may pick up on those statistics and repeat them, but perhaps incorrectly, or without crucial details or context, or by turning them into an oversimplified or misleading meme. As a result, the persuasiveness of the original source is diluted by doubt and distrust. The proliferation of questionable data leads many to the dismissive attitude of Homer Simpson: "People can come up with statistics to prove anything. 40% of all people know that." What can we do about it?
Stutzman Lecture Hall

9 a.m.

Story Telling with Integrity
Tricia Bell & Alison King
Bluffton University's public relations office tells stories in many ways-from articles and pictures in the Bluffton alumni magazine to posts on social media to videos for admissions. We will share examples of our office's work and explain how the stories were developed. We will also discuss how we use editing software such as Photoshop and Premiere (which can be used to dramatically change and distort video/images) in ethical ways.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

How the polarization and prejudices of society has corrupted the integrity of the Bluffton and how to gain it back
Heather McConnaughey & Kimmie Hetrick
We will be looking at the polarization that is happening on Bluffton campus and the nation. We will open it up for discussion. Finally we will discuss and present a few solutions to the problems. Through counteracting the polarization and prejudice, we can gain back the integrity that Bluffton wants to instill in their students.
Centennial hall 211

The Art of Acceptance
Theatre for Social Change LGBTQ
Welcome to a workshop about the complexity of equality. Here, love is love. This interactive, theatrical workshop led by students from the Theatre for Social Change class consists of games, fun, and a chance to build your drama skills. The topic we will explore is LGBTQ rights and why some people in that community feel like they can’t come out. How can we have respectful conversations and seek the truth when we come from different perspectives and backgrounds? Come join us for a fun time of acceptance and exploration. Leaders: Tim Bender, Kylie Brock, Benjamin Ditto, Nathan Heinze, Bethany Montgomery, Advisor Melissa Friesen
Kreider Room

The Color of Integrity
Jim Fultz & Phil Sugden
Can a work of art be trusted? And what does honesty look like in art?

This will be an interactive exploration of some of our assumptions and questions around how we might locate integrity in the visual arts.
Sauder Visual Arts Center

10 a.m.

Integrity in sports: a coaches panel
Kevin White
With a panel of Bluffton's athletic coaches, we will discuss what good examples and bad examples of integrity look like among the sports that Bluffton offers.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Learning to do what's good for you even when you don't want to: community life as virtue ethics
Gerald & Carrie Mast
Drawing on stories from our personal experiences and family life, we will illustrate how choosing specific friendship circles, communities of engagement, employment settings, and romantic entanglements shapes our capacities for goodness.
Centennial Hall 211

Bluffton social norms 
Takayla Gadberry & Kiera Suffel 
We would like to talk about how we have social norms here at Bluffton. We will start with an activity of mapping out the way people sit in the commons and see if people agree or disagree. We will then have a discussion about how there are norms in The Commons, how we sit in a specific seat in class, and other things that would be considered a norm.
Centennial Hall 113

Ethics in Accounting 
John Burkhart
Ethics in the accounting industry affect all of us not just the accountants. This presentation will demonstrate why everyone cares about the ethical accountant and changes that have taken place within the industry.
Centennial Hall 209

Integrity of the world 
Kais Chiles & Austin Siefker 
Our presentation is designed to review exactly what truth, integrity, and virtue is. We also want to do an overview on Bluffton's Honor Code and its history. The last thing we want to do is have a debate on whether the lack of integrity in today's society is a parenting issue or a social issue.
Kreider Room (marbeck Center) 

11 a.m.

See it from a women's view #metoo
Women's Circle (Allison Hammond) 
Presenters will be discussing what brought up the reports that started the #MeToo Movement. They will also be talking about celebrities who are feminists, and other movements including the Time's Up Movement. There will be a Q & A at the end. 
Stutzman Lecture Hall

Does leveraging violate the integrity of restorative justice process? 
Restorative Justice (Mike Barrett) 
In order to get people to participate in the RJ process, systems may leverage traditional sanctions against the "offenders." Does this compromise the integrity of RJ? 
Centennial hall 211

Honor Code discussion 
Mark Bourassa, Paul Neufeld-Weaver & Jonathan Andreas 
The student senate began a discussion with faculty about 7 years ago about how students perceived problems in the implementation of the honor code, which produced a useful discussion and, hopefully, improved how it is done. We'd like to ask students what they think about the honor code again today to see what this generation thinks. 
Centennial hall 113

12 p.m. 

Words like feathers
Education students, Diane Neal & Louise Matthews
Second grade students from Bluffton elementary will learn how words can help others as well as do harm. Through literature, music, movement, readers theater, art projects and a skit with J. Denny and Jenny Beaver, students will gain understanding about why kind words and honesty matter. 
Burky gym 

1 p.m.

Perry Bush 
In this session, Dr. Perry Bush will sift through some basic issues of integrity that emerge in doing history. He will explore -- ideally in a dialogical approach with the audience -- a variety of related issues he has encountered in thirty years of researching and writing history. These will include basic duties of the historian like identifying and assessing historical "facts," interpreting evidence, contextualizing the past, and matters of objectivity, subjectivity and possible bias. 

good and happy: Aristotle and Gallup on virtue
Alex Sider
Dr. Sider will talk about the connections in virtue theory between human excellence and happiness, how those connections appear in Aristotle's Nicomachean Ethics, and draw out the parallels with StrenghtFiner 2.0. 
Centennial hall 211

A star with integrity: integrating bluffton's four core values in resumes and interviews
Center for Career and Vocation 
Exploring Bluffton's four core values and how to integrate them on a resume. 
Centennial hall 113 

Theatre for Social Change 
Students from the Theatre for Social Change class, taught by Melissa Friesen, will hold an interactive workshop that addresses the issue of bullying. How might people of integrity confront the widespread problem of bullying in school systems? the presenters will be trying to understand why bullies are sometimes rewarded - maybe they are from influential families or are star athletes? This topic will be explored through interactive games and activities, leading to a reflection/discussion of the topic.  
Kreider room (marbeck Center) 

2 p.m.

Honesty and honor in math and science 
Steve Harnish
Both math and science can "keep us honest" via rigorous reasoning, testing and feedback from peers. Yet when new mathematical concepts, scientific theories or real-world applications are proposed, vigorous debates often ensue over the most "honorable" response—whether to more conservatively hold to tried-and- true explanations of the past or to boldly pursue the promise of the new. With time, new notions may be refined, tested and found to serve useful purposes, even if in domains quite different than those initially intended. We’ll see examples of this dynamic from the history of mathematics, physics and climate science, and consider the ideal scientific virtue of honestly admitting when one was wrong. This virtue is well portrayed by our Physical World text author, Richard Muller, who also has ties to Bluffton’s early Chemistry professor H.W. Berky—the instrumental force behind Bluffton’s 1918 honor code
Stutzman Lecture Hall

fake news: Know your facts
Marathana Prothro
This presentation will provide a clear definition of fake news, explain motivations for production of fake news, and explore the most recent findings on consumption of this particular form of misinformation. The session will conclude with discussion of actions individuals can take to ensure they consume and share information with truth and integrity. 
Centennial hall 211

Jules Frazier & Lilly Yoder
We will be showing a ted talk discussing integrity and what it means to lie and how it can affect other mentally. 
Centennial hall 113

Publishing with integrity
Bridge Literary Journal (Cara Echols) 
"Bridge: The Bluffton University Literary Journal” will discuss the importance of publishing honorably within the scope of the literary world. A panel session will discuss topics revolving around, but not limited to, choosing work for “Bridge,” selecting work for literary merit, honoring our commitment to representation and diversity, ethical dilemmas in publishing, and anything else the audience wants to ask us. Members of the “Bridge” student editorial staff will host the event; answering questions, talking about personal experiences, and informing others about the magazine as a whole.
Kreider Room (marbeck center) 

3 p.m.

Honest conversation about body image, social media, and nutrition
BUNA (Laura Galley)
Let's have a down-to- earth conversation about ways social media influences how we view our bodies and what we consider to be "healthy" eating behaviors. The session will start with two TED talks: "Why Thinking You're Ugly Is Bad for You" and "Carrots and Cupcakes: Healthy Eating Made Simple." Then nutrition association members will lead small and large group conversations. The presentation will conclude with the promotion of the #BUbodypositive campaign to improve the integrity and honor of our personal social media presences.
Stutzman Lecture Hall

student created ted talks 
Jonathan Andreas
Students will present a series of short video presentations they created about honor, virtue, and social norms with live introductions and a short time for questions and answers.
Centennial hall 211

Interactive integrity
Bethany Montgomery & Kylie Brock
Do a bridge activity to get the audience engaged, a short play about cheating and then participation from the audience to help rectify the situation.
Kreider Room (Marbeck Center) 

6:30 p.m.

C. Henry smith peace oratorical contest 
Bluffton University students speak out on peace and violence 

Katey Ebaugh, “Our Neighbors Have No Home”
Jared Hurst, “Little Boy and Fat Man: Blessing or Plague?”
Joel Jacobson, “Truth, Peace, and Media Literacy”
Floid Krajcovic, “The Peace of Universal Health Care”
Julian LaVallee “Bluffton Values for Real Life Situations”
Irena Xhari, “Restorative Justice and Sexual Violence”

Arts & Lecture credit and refreshments available. 
Yoder Recital Hall

8 p.m.

Lessons in integrity: a group activity
Marbeck Center Board 
We will be doing a trivia activity for the first 30 minutes, followed by a discussion panel led by Marathana Protho.
Arts and Lecture credit available.
The Commons (marbeck Center)