Job placement guidelines

The following is a guide to be used when a student and/or supervisor requests that a student hold more than one position on campus:

A student may hold one job from either Category 1 or Category 2

Category 1: Most standard jobs are 6-10 hours per week. A standard job may include a combination of four and/or six hour standard jobs, not to exceed 10 hours per week.

Category 2:

Student jobs with unique responsibilities often require prior experience. Students holding these positions may NOT add hours from Category 1. Jobs with unique responsibilities include positions in various departments ranging from 12 - 20 hours per week. These positions include student supervisors in the library, Technology Center, Learning Resource Center, B&G, music department, and campus ministries; dining service managers, Marbeck assistants and BU Connection managers.

Category 3: Add-on jobs: The following positions can be added to standard jobs. In general, a student may hold one standard position (or equivalent) and up to two of these positions without special permission:

  • Dining services catering
  • Phonathon callers
  • Becoming a Scholar Mentors
  • Mentors and tutors in various departments
  • Athletic game assistants
  • Student accompanist
  • Ministry assistants @ 4 hours per week (RA's cannot also hold a ministry assistant position)
  • Admissions phone callers @ 4 hours per week


Hours from Category 3 may be added to a Category 2 position with permission from the supervisor and the Learn and Earn office.

  • Resident assistants can hold up to a 4 hour position in their major if approved by the director of housing.
  • Hall directors are not permitted to hold another campus job.

Admissions ambassadors and intramural referees are not part of the Learn and Earn program and will be paid directly through the department.