Policies & expectations

Policies for student employment

  • Student jobs range between 2-10 hours per week. Students may only hold one standard  position. Add-on jobs with additional hours are available.
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  • Hours listed on the employment agreement are estimated and are not guaranteed. It is the joint responsibility of the student and the supervisor to maintain a schedule and to ensure the dollar amount of the agreement is not exceeded.

  • Students should reapply before Feb. 1 to continue their employment for the following academic year. Students who continue in their same job and are asked to be rehired by their supervisor may qualify for a merit-based pay increase. Continuing in the same job is generally encouraged and priority consideration is given to such applicants.

  • Job assignments are normally for the full academic year and students are expected to continue their assignments accordingly. If a student finds it impossible to continue, he/she is to discuss the situation with their supervisor.

  • Students are responsible for completing and turning in their timesheet each month according to business office requirements. Timesheets should be kept in designated area at the work site. “Time in” should be recorded when the shift begins and “time out” recorded when the shift is completed each day.

  • Students should work only during regular office hours or at times approved by the supervisor. Student workers should not have access to any building after hours via keys or key cards unless prior supervisor approval is granted.

  • Student workers are strongly encouraged to attend a student training session held each semester. Each training session has a different topic and students are paid to attend.

  • Confidentiality and security are matters of concern to all employers. Employees working in certain departments hold a position of trust and must recognize the responsibility of this confidentiality. Completion of a confidentiality form may be required.

  • All college employees are to be dressed according to generally accepted standards appropriate to the particular job. If in doubt about your attire, consult your supervisor.

  • Illness or conflicts: If unforeseen circumstances prevent your being able to work, you are expected to notify your supervisor in advance of your usual reporting time. You are responsible for work at all times for the year, except for designated vacation periods* or if your supervisor has approved other arrangements in advance. *Students should not work during Christmas break or spring break, unless a separate vacation agreement is issued.

  • Involuntary termination: The campus jobs office will normally accept the recommendation of the supervisor to terminate a student’s employment because of unsatisfactory performance. A copy of the termination notice will be sent to the campus jobs office.

Questions regarding these conditions should be directed to  campusjobs@bluffton.edu