Required tax forms

All new student employees at Bluffton University need to complete various tax forms in order to get paid. Print, complete and deliver all completed tax forms linked below and original acceptable ID(s) to the business office receptionist, located in the lower level of College Hall. (Please note: photo copies are not acceptable.) In addition, Bluffton University offers optional direct deposit for student payroll through the business office.

>>> Ohio Department of Taxation Form
>>> Employee's Withholding Exemption Certificate

If you live in Ohio complete this form for the public school district where you live, which might be different than the school district you attended. If you live in Indiana, Kentucky, West Virginia, Michigan or Pennsylvania, you may claim exemption from paying Ohio tax by filling out a certificate of reciprocity form, which can be obtained and completed in the business office.

>>> Public School District Withholding Certificate
This form needs to be filled out if you live in Ohio. The public school district number is available in business office. Students who reside outside of Ohio do not need to complete this form.

>>> W-4 Form - Federal Withholding Allowance Certificate
If exempt is used on Line 7, this form must be filled out each year that you work at Bluffton University.

>>> I-9 Form
ID is required. Identification most often used are both a driver's license and a social security card. Other ID s may be used as listed on page 4 of the form. You must bring original IDs to the business office with your I-9 form.

Optional: >>> Direct Deposit Authorization Form
Direct deposit is not mandatory. If you choose this option, you have the right to rescind this authorization by notifying the business office in writing. To have payroll funds directly deposited to your bank account(s), your Bluffton University account balance must be up to date unless prior arrangements have been made with the business office, and all Learn and Earn work agreements must be signed and submitted to the financial aid office. 

The business office receptionist will accept these forms from 8 a.m. to 12 noon and 1 to 5 p.m. in the lower level of College Hall. Remember, the business office cannot process your pay until all appropriate forms are completed and on file.