Studies in criminal justice

At Bluffton, criminal justice is an academically rigorous program developed to produce leaders in the academic field, corrections, law enforcement, mediation and community organizing.

The required core courses include traditional instruction in criminal justice systems as well as extensive work in research methodology and a foundational focus on restorative and social justice issues. At least nine hours of electives are required for a major.

Every student works to develop an internship around specific career goals. Each placement receives active, personal oversight from a faculty member. An opportunity to spend a semester in Northern Ireland studying conflict management is available for students interested in pursuing jobs in the federal government or the international arena.

Criminal justice majors have enjoyed high placement rates in local and state law enforcement agencies with graduates also securing highly competitive jobs in corrections institutions and federal agencies including the United States Secret Service.  >>> occupational outlook

Tajah Upshaw

Our Students

Tajah Upshaw ’21, from Lima, Ohio, explored the broad stereotypes she and other women of color have experienced. 

"“I wanted to know if other African American women feel the same way I do, and if stereotypes have a big impact on them. I wanted to prove through my project that stereotypes do negatively affect African American women.”
>>> Tajah's story

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four-year plans provide guidance to earning a major in criminal justice, beginning in a odd year,  or in an even year

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