Dr. L.L. Ramseyer

RamseyerLloyd L. Ramseyer, Bluffton's fourth president, did not set his sights towards becoming a college president. In fact, when he did accept the position, he expected to stay no more than two or three years. In actuality, he stayed for 27.

Born and raised on an Illinois farm, to a devout Mennonite family, Ramseyer expected to live on the farm for the rest of his life. When Lloyd decided to go on to college, his father was less than enthusiastic. He recalls his father saying, "if you insist on going to college, you should go to our own school at Bluffton."

Ramseyer did go to Bluffton where he was active in debate, choirs and publications. He earned the nickname "Tank" on the football field. He also met his future wife, Ferne Yoder.

When the Ramseyer family moved back to Bluffton after living elsewhere, they came with three small children, Robert, Mary Jean and Billy. The children spent their growing up years completely surrounded by the college, as the family lived in the "Amstutz House," a small bungalow at the center of campus. Thus the children were well acquainted with students, faculty and campus life long before they attended, and graduated from, the college.

When Ramseyer retired from the presidency in 1965, he and Ferne purchased a home in Bluffton on West Elm Street, just across the street from the athletic practice fields. This remained their home until their deaths.

One of the legacies Lloyd L. Ramseyer left to the college community was the excellence of his weekly chapel talks. Well received and appreciated by faculty and students alike, they were insightful as well as practical. Some of those chapel talks were collected into a book, The More Excellent Way, published by Faith and Life Press in 1965.