The Rev. Dr. A.S. Rosenberger

RosenbergerArthur S. Rosenberger was born in Quakertown, Pa., in 1898, the oldest of four boys in a Mennonite family. Nearly every summer and school vacation during Arthur's boyhood were spent at the farm of his uncle near Quakertown.

The love of agriculture drew Rosenberger to enroll in 1917 at Penn State University, where he intended to study agriculture. However, the call of God moved him in another direction and his last two years of college were spent at Bluffton. Rosenberger was very active in campus life at Bluffton. Although he was a junior and new to the college in the fall of 1919, he was voted class president and May Day chairman during that year.

After receiving his degree in 1921, Rosenberger stayed on at Bluffton to continue his studies at Witmarsum Seminary, located in a building where Bren-Dell Hall now stands. He graduated from the seminary in 1923 and was ordained in Germantown Mennonite Church in Philadelphia.

Bluffton's third lady, the former Ella Habegger of Berne, Indiana, met her husband Arthur Rosenberger when they were both students at Bluffton. They wed and had three children, David, Elnore and Richard, all also attended and graduated from Bluffton.

Arthur S. Rosenberger came to the presidency at a time when the college, and the nation, were trying to bring themselves out of the depths of the Great Depression. Dire financial problems at the college, coupled with faculty dissention and strained relations with the college's constituent churches, made for great tension on and off campus.

President Rosenberger's quiet, non-controversial manner in dealing with people gradually had a healing effect and confidence in the college was restored. But Rosenberger paid a high price for his work, as his health was shattered. He then sent in his resignation and returned to his much preferred field of work   the pastorate.