Psychology major & minor

The major in psychology consists of core and elective classes. Courses in the core provide an introduction to the field, teach general research skills, provide space to reflect on the interaction of faith and psychology and cover the foundational areas of personalty theory, psychological disorders, learning theory, statistics and social psychology. The psychology major offers opportunities for both experiential learning and faculty-directed student research.

Students who would like to combine a minor in psychology with a major in another discipline may do so by taking PSY 110 and six additional psychology courses.

It is also possible to double-major in psychology and another discipline. Recently, students have paired their psychology major with majors in such areas as dietetics, social work, business administration, education, math and music (for those interested in music therapy.) If you are interested in art therapy, we have partnered with the art department to create the pre-art therapy major.

Takayla Gadberry

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"This is a lot of work, I’m not going to lie. It’s a lot of stress on us, but we take videos and pictures of the campers throughout the week and make a video that gets handed out at the end. Watching that video with them and seeing all of their smiles and seeing their faces light up, you realize as stressful as it is for you, we’re doing this for them. To see them have fun is the best thing in the world." >>>Takayla's story

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Four year plans provide guidance to earn a major in psychology, beginning in an odd year or even year; or a pre-art therapy major, beginning in an odd year or even year.