Are you looking for a way to apply your scientific abilities and creativity
to solve real world problems?

Pre-engineeringEngineering might be the career for you. Pre-engineering at Bluffton will allow you to explore, or prepare, for an engineering career in a liberal arts environment, while providing the opportunity to pursue other interests.

Pre-engineering majors at Bluffton will take a blend of courses from our mathematics and physics departments, focusing on the courses most suitable for general engineering preparation. Major requirements leave room for a second major, a minor or additional coursework in one of the sciences to prepare for an engineering specialization such as chemical, biomechanical, computer, etc.

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Daniel Piero


Our students:

 Before being accepted into the masters in electical engineering program at Michigan State University, Daniel Piero '17 spent a summer at the Center for Exploration of Energy and Matter through a Research Experience for Undergraduates internship hosted by Indiana University.

"Many of my positive educational experiences can be traced back to Dr. Harnish. I am very grateful to have him as both a professor and friend."
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Our program aims to prepare students to:

  • Graduate from Bluffton prepared to enroll in an accredited engineering program.

    Following completion of a bachelor's degree at Bluffton students have pursued a master's or Ph.D. at an engineering school. We endorse this because we believe a liberal arts education is a good foundation for all fields, including engineering.

    Although the total program is typically six years (four years at Bluffton followed by two years for a master's degree) it is common to obtain an assistantship at the graduate school. This means tuition, room and board during graduate school is covered by the assistantship. In other words, students "pay" for the master's degree by working for the engineering school as a grader, tutor, lab assistant, etc. 

  • Transfer to an accredited baccalaureate engineering program
    after two or three years at Bluffton.

    Bluffton students have completed a 3-2 program in which they spend three years at Bluffton followed by two years at an engineering school. They complete two degrees: a bachelor's from Bluffton and a bachelor's in engineering from the other school. This is not an automatic program. Any student interested in this format has to work out the details with both schools.