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Speech-language pathology and audiology program

Employment opportunities for speech-language pathologists and audiologists are good. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that from 2012-22 there will be a 19% growth rate in job openings for speech pathologists and a 34% growth rate in job openings for audiologists.

Emma Eickholt volunteers in speech language patholgy

Our students

"I realized I worked better one-on-one with people than I did working with an entire classroom. I ended up in the introduction to speech-language pathology and audiology class and absolutely loved it. I knew it was right for me when I was excited to study." >>> Emma's story




What is the difference between speech language pathology and audiology?

Speech-language pathologist
Speech-language pathologists (SLP) work with people of all ages with disorders in speech, language, social communication, cognitive communication and swallowing. Speech-language pathologists work in schools, hospitals, clinics and nursing homes, and in home health.

An audiologist is someone who diagnoses and treats a patient’s hearing and balance problems using advanced technology and procedures. The majority of audiologists work in health care facilities, such as hospitals, physicians’ offices and audiology clinics. Some also work in schools.

What must I do to become a licensed speech and language pathologist or audiologist?

To become a licensed speech and language pathologist or an audiologist, a person must complete an accredited master’s degree program. Bluffton’s undergraduate program will prepare you to apply to graduate schools. Your academic adviser will be well aware of the coursework and other activities that will increase your competitiveness for graduate school. We will guide you in choosing coursework, clinical work and other activities that will strengthen your application.

Explore courses required for a:

A four year plan provides guidance toward a major in speech-language pathology & audiology.

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