Parking Violation Appeals

Appealing a citation

  • Consistent enforcement of campus parking policies and regulations helps contribute to an equitable system for all members of the University community.

    If you feel that you were incorrectly cited for a parking violation, you can appeal your ticket to the buildings and grounds department parking enforcement staff by emailing with the subject heading Parking Ticket Repeal Request. Requests for citation appeals must be received within five business days of the citation issue date. A member of the parking enforcement staff will set up a time to meet with you within two weeks of your request to hear your appeal.

    Absent extraordinary circumstances, an appeal submitted after five business days of the citation issue date will not be reviewed and the citation must be paid.

    Bring your parking ticket with you to your appointment, along with any supporting documentation you wish to provide.

    If you are unable to attend your scheduled meeting, you may email the parking enforcement staff to reschedule. All requests to reschedule must be sent before 4 p.m. the day prior to the intended meeting date. Only one reschedule request may be made per violation.

    The parking fine for the violation is automatically added to your student account in the business office within two business days of the offense. If your parking ticket is waived by buildings and grounds, the parking fine will be removed from your student account.