We’re embarking on a campaign that will give our students access to the best facilities, the latest technology and the means to explore deeper. With the combination of these new resources and the focus of our students, we can propel our university forward in fields like math, health science, education and more.

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Move Bluffton Forward

A Place that Inspires...

Rendering of the Austin E. Knowlton Science Center Building

The Austin E. Knowlton Science Center will provide a place for Bluffton students to be inspired in a state-of-the-art facility designed for experiential learning.

Innovation Grants...

Students in a Science Lab

Innovation grants will support cross-disciplinary collaboration as well as student and faculty research opportunities.

Sustain Bluffton's Legacy

Boundless Potential...

Nursing students in the classroom

Bluffton Fund provides the resources to recruit and retain high-quality faculty and students.

Invest in Success...

Bluffton University

Endowment is an investment in student success by strengthening Bluffton's financial position and sustaining programs.

PEOPLE who make Bluffton special

Laura Galley '18

Laura Galley '18

Laura Galley '18 a nutrition and dietetics major from Cumberland, Ind., was recently accepted into the Ph.D. program at Cornell University. Through this program, Galley hopes to discover new links between diet and health in an effort to improve the lives of women and children.

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Wyatt Baer '18

Wyatt Baer '18

Wyatt Baer '18 from Marshallville, Ohio, didn't choose an ordinary academic plan for graduation. The transfer student has completed three internships, is a member of the cross-country team, works as resident advisor (RA) and will soon be pursuing his master's degree after just three years as an undergraduate student.

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Sarah Heydinger '21

Sarah Heydinger '21

Sarah Heydinger '21 of Tiro, Ohio, is jumping hurdles in the classroom and on the track as she works to balance her academic and athletic ambitions. A double major in art education and pre-art therapy, Heydinger works hard to be a diligent student while also being a member of the volleyball, indoor track and field, and outdoor track and field teams.

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Micah Hunsberger '18

Micah Hunsberger '18

Micah Hunsberger '18 has spent three consecutive summers furthering his knowledge of computer programming through paid internships at Tempus Technologies in Auburn, Ind. The experience gave him hands-on knowledge in the fields of IT and computer science, and he was able to write code and automate technical processes to assist with workflow efficiency.

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Bud and Chelsea Haselman family

Young alumni give

Even though they have three young children and Chelsea is still paying off a few student loans, young alumni Jeremy "Bud" '07 and Chelsea (Moorhead '08) Haselman give to Bluffton University because of one key word--momentum.

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Recipients of the Ray Ramseyer Philanthropy Award

Philanthropy Award

Bluffton University presented the Ray Ramseyer Philanthropy Award to Larry and Shirley Copeland at the 2017 President's Dinner, recognizing the couple for their dedication, service and philanthropic support.

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Bluffton University Nature Preserve

Moyer Nature Center

The 1,800 square foot Moyer Nature Center is scheduled for completion later this fall in the Bluffton University Nature Preserve. "This project will provide a very useful multi-purpose building for environmental science education."

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